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Calligraphy is regarded in China as the art of writing, beautiful handwriting with the brush, or the study of the rules and techniques of this art. As a traditional art, calligraphy occupies the same position as painting in the history of Chinese art and constitutes an indispensable part of the heritage of national culture.

In China many people can write a good hand, but only a few of them could become calligraphers. It takes pains taking effort and years of assiduous practice to qualify oneself as an artist in this field.

Like script, Chinese calligraphy began with the hieroglyphs and , over the long ages of evolution, has developed various styles and schools. Chinese scripts are classified into five categories :the seal character(zhuan),the official or clerical script(li),the regular script(kai),the running hand(xing) and the cursive hand(cao).

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Chinese painting, the flower of Chinese culture, is distinguished by a spirit and an atmosphere of its own. It is entirely different from Western painting.

That difference is hard to grasp and express. It has a certain tone and atmosphere, visible in Western painting, but essentially different and achieved by different means.

Chinese painting developed and was classified by theme into six genres: Figure painting, Landscape painting, Flower and bird painting,Court painting, Literati painting and Dan Qing.

Chinese knot, with the full name of Chinese Traditional Decoration Knot, is a popular handicraft with a history of thousands of years in China. It has appeared in the remote ages, developed in Tang and Song Dynasty and popularized in Ming and Qing Dynasty, rejuvenated in today.

Every basic knot is hand-knitted by a sting from the beginning to the end and it's named by its shape or meaning, such as " Pan chang Knot", "Concentricity Knot", etc.. The combinations of different basic knots or auspicious adornments have become elegant arts and crafts and they implicate rich Chinese traditional culture, presenting the benison of Chinese people.

Embroidery is traditional craftwork using colorful threads to embroider all kinds of designs and pictures on knitwork. Embroidery is a sort of antique craftwork. Up to now, we still keep embroidery which was first made around 1600 BC.

Making embroidery is a highly complicated and careful process, requiring particular and diverse stitches. Embroidery handicrafts, which demand fine cloth, are made from different local workshops.

Styles of Chinese embroidery vary greatly. Besides "Su" "Yue" "Xiang" and "Shu" four famous Chinese embroidery styles, there are also "Han" "Lu" and "Qin" embroidery. Different embroidery craftworks named after their respective hometowns, are of strong regional Characters and they embody China's colorful traditional culture.

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shanghai meizhi chinese school shanghai meizhi chinese school shanghai meizhi chinese school shanghai meizhi chinese school

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