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There are many Hot places and Shopping malls in Shanghai
Classes can be arranged to suit your needs
We can consult in English, in Japanese or in Korean
Short-term program is the cheapest & quickest way to get a visa
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Learn Chinese while on business trip to Shanghai
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shanghai meizhi mandairn school-xujiahuiXujiahui, in the center of Shanghai, can also be regarded in the same way as Shinjuku or fifth avenue .

There are 5 shopping malls (within 5 minutes walk of Shanghai MEIZHI Mandarin School), as well as a large movie theater, major stores restaurants and , supermarkets, nearby. It is an area popular with young people.

Close by is the , Shanghai indoor stadium, which housed the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games football tournament and today welcomes many domestic and foreign artists.

Xujiahui Hengshan Road, used to be part of the former France Concession and now has the US and many other consulates. Its unique European architectural style and vibrant restaurant and night life, make Xujiahui an exciting location to visit.


shanghai jiaotong yniversityMEIZHI Mandarin School is located in Shanghai Xujiahui Center's first Science University, Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Shanghai Jiaotong University has canteens, cafes, playgrounds, supermarkets, post offices, hospitals and many other facilities.

After class you can chat with students in the university cafe or at one of the many other facilities.


Shanghai meizhi mandarin school-hongqiao-gubei Our Hongqiao Gubei school is located in the historic center of an international integrated community.

Gubei is a "little United Nations," offering convenient transportation, as Hongqiao international Airport is only 15 minutes away by car .

There are not only the offices of China's leading business organizations but also countries including Japan, South Korea, Singapore have their consulates here.

This is a great place to get a feeling for the multi-cultural, globalized vibrant city, Shanghai.

  Shanghai MEIZHI Mandarin School with long history, will provide you pinyin, daily life chinese, business chinese, HSK1-6, BCT、C.TEST、Kids' chinese and other excellent courses, provides the strong support to your chinese study, makes you feel at home.
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