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  Japanese Student Short-term study abroad Chinese 1 to 1 course

Waseda University Students

Stayed at Jinjiang Inn Hotel

Period of Study : a month

This is a video made by the Students of Waseda University, especially for MEIZHI MANDARIN.

The Personal Home Page URL of Takahashi Natsuki Musician: Here.

  Spanish Student (Having passed the old-HSK9) HSK Course in Shanghai MEIZHI MANDARIN School Spanish Student HSK4+Conversation Course

Desde que empecé en Meizhi he avanzado mucho con mi chino, en las clases apenas hablamos inglés y esto me ha ayudado a mejorar muy rápidamente. Mi profesora es un encanto y siempre esta dispuesta a ayudarme, tanto dentro como fuera de clase, y la flexibilidad de horarios me ha permitido compaginarlo con mi trabajo. Por todo ello, recomiendo a mis amigos y conocidos que vengan a conocer la escuela!

Since I started studying in MEIZHI my Chinese level has got much better. The lessons are mostly in Chinese, and even though in the beginnig it was a bit hard, but then I improved really quickly. My teacher is really nice too, and she is always ready to help, both in and out the classroom. Also the flexible schedules have been a great help for me, as I am usually busy at work. For all those reasons, I would recommend this school to all my friends!

  Korean Student (Having passed the old-HSK9) HSK Course in Shanghai MEIZHI MANDARIN School Korean Student (Having passed the old-HSK9) HSK Course

The staffs and teachers in MEIZHI MANDARIN always answer the my questions carefully even if they are not related with the textbooks. I feel as relaxed here as at home. In the HSK Class, teachers explain the content which are quite hard to be understood and they give lots of strategies especially to the composition and oral test. It helps me a lot with my Chinese in MEIZHI MANDARIN.

  Australian Student(Resident officer ) Private Chinese Lesson in Shanghai MEIZHI MANDARIN School   Australian Student ( Resident officer ) Private Lesson
After moving from Xiamen to Shanghai due to work, I wanted to continue my study of Chinese. After a short search, I found Meizhi suited my study needs with professional teachers and flexible courses. Meizhi was able to tailor a program especially for me. Studying at Meizhi is always a joy. The teachers are all professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I look forward to every class.
  Japanese Student (musician) 1 to 1 Chinese Crouse in Shanghai MEIZHI MANDARIN School   Japanese Student (musician) 1 to 1 Crouse
As a musician, I play the erhu (a traditional Chinese instrument). Dreaming for studying native Chinese, I chose MEIZHI MANDARIN. Here, I can feel nervous just appropriately, which makes me focus on the lesson and enjoy it. I have lots of Chinese friends in Shanghai so I thought I could practice my speaking through communicating with them. Thanks to MEIZHI MANDARIN, I can speak to my Chinese friends fluently and naturally now. Sometimes, I can't stop thinking how lucky I was that I have studied in MEIZHI MANDARIN. Now, I want to communicate with more Chinese people and make a song about China.

  Japanese student (housewife) Private Mandarin Lesson in Shanghai MEIZHI MANDARIN School Japanese student (housewife)   Private Lesson

I followed my husband to come to Shanghai. Since I stayed in China and hadn't any special skills, I chose to study Chinese. As for the MeiZhi where I am studying now, what impressed me most was that every teacher taught me according to my own pace. The study method includes not only book learning, but also the training of the abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Every week there is always a writing homework on the theme of hot issues during that week, which improves my fluency of writing. I always feel that Chinese is my mother language when I come back to my homeland.

  ndonesian student(Internship In Shanghai) Private Mandarin Lesson in Shanghai MEIZHI MANDARIN School   Indonesian student (Internship In Shanghai) Private Lesson  
I knew Meizhi through a friend. It was my first time to join a Chinese class outside of the university. On the first day I was very nervous. But the teachers and staff creating a pleasant atmosphere made me wipe out this tension. Although I had one-on-one sessions, I was not passive in the class. According to my wish of the course, I always kept a high learning motivation. I could preview by myself independently every day. Now I am using Chinese naturally. My next goal is to improve the language ability, to challenge more through the language barrier.  
Japanese Student(overseas student) 1 to 1 Mandarin course Shanghai in MEIZHI MANDARIN School Japanese Student (overseas student) 1 to 1 course
    The teachers in MEIZHI MANDARIN are quite good at Japanese, so when I couldn't understand, they helped me by explaining in Japanese. Also, they gave me lots of advices when I met difficulties with my daily life in Shanghai. Not only studying Chinese in the class, but we also talked about the topics I was interested in, such as Chinese culture, habits and so on. I really enjoyed the time studying here.
  Korean Student (Resident officer ) 1 to 1 course and SmallChinese Gruop Class in Shanghai MEIZHI MANDARIN School   Korean Student (Resident officer ) 1 to 1 course + Small Class
    Because I didn't know Chinese completely, I felt so anxious before the class. But after having communicated with the administrative staff here, I set a goal for myself and have been fighting for it. I am so satisfied now. Especially in the 1 to 1 course, I can choose the materials and the time for the class as I like, which helps me a lot. What's more, the school is located in XUJIAHUI so I can look for delicious food and go shopping after class. At that time, I can use what I've learned in the classroom. I am going to study in MEIZHI forever.
  Japanese Student (5 grade of primary school) Intensive -Class in Summer camp in Shanghai MEIZHI MANDARIN School   Japanese Student (grade 5) Intensive Summer Program
I am a pupil in Grade 5. I studied in MEIZHI MARDRAIN during the summer vacation. I could understand easily even though I am a child. I love MEIZHI so much!



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