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Shanghai MEIZHI MANDARIN School is an institution with 10-year history, professional teachers and great study environment. Courses include Chinese pinyin, fundamental Chinese, daily conversation, business Chinese, YCT, HSK, BCT, C.TEST lecture, etc. Our Chinese academy are appointed as HSK (IBT) official Test Center and Registration Office by Han Ban, Training organization of TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) with authentication of the Ministry of Education. We have professional teaching team. Perfect curriculum programs, original teaching methods. Hold culture-cross community activities monthly. Any time any where~You can study chinese mandarin with our pro chinese tutor.Welcome you to shanghai meizhi mandarin to study chinese.


Learning Chinese with MEIZHI MANDARIN teachers/tutor in follow area

Changning District:Changning District (Beixinjing、 ChengJia Qiao、Zhongshan Park subway station、 the zoo 、Gubei、 Hongqiao Road、Jiangsu Road、Shanghai Studios、Tianshan Road、 Xian Xia、Xijiao park、Xinhua Road、Zhenning Road、Zhoujia Qiao)

Mandarine City名都城 , Gubei International Garden古北国际花园, Gubei International Plaza古北国际广场 , Maison Des Artistes御翠豪庭 , Gubei Qiangsheng Palace 古北强生花园 Rich Garden 瑞仕花园 Mandarine City(Phase 2) 名都城(二期)  Lyon Gardens 里昂花园 Gubei International Garden 古北国际花园 Gubei Central Garden 古北中央花园 Gubei Gold Place 黄金豪园 Central Residences 嘉里华庭 Chateau Pinnacle 华山夏都 Hongqiao Golf Villas 虹桥高尔夫 Old House On Yuyuan Rd 愚园路老房子 Vernal Garden 满庭芳花园 Park View Apartment 兆丰嘉园(园林天下园景公寓) Diamond Villa 柏仕晶舍 Lilac Apartment 丁香公寓 Yanlord Riverside Garden 仁恒河滨花园Ⅲ Windsor Court 温莎公寓 Windsor Place 温莎豪园 Windsor Gardens ? Belgravia Place 华山丽苑 Odin Palace Villas 奥玎 China Garden Villas 中华园 Elite Garden? Green Valley Villas 绿谷别墅 Sunridge Garden 西郊一品花园 Sifang Xijiao Garden Villas 四方西郊花园 Westwood Villas 伯爵山庄 Parkson Garden 西郊柏盛苑  Hongmei Villas? Oasis Riviera 天山河畔花园 City Condo 虹桥豪苑 Golden Troops 金色贝拉维 Prince Hills 王子晶品 Sunland Villa? Le chateau? De Orental London?perfect Garden? Consul Garden? Sunny Garden 新律花园

Xuhui District( Caobao Road, Changqiao, Caohejing, Fuxing zhonglu, Fenglin Road, West Huaihai Road, Hu’nan Road, Shanghai East China University of Science and Technology, Huajing, Hengshan Road, Jiaotong University, West Jianguo Road, Kangjian, Longhua, Lingyun Road, Shanghai Normal University,  Shanghai South Railway Station, Tianlin, Shanghai Gymnasium, Xujiahui, Xietu Road, South Xiangyang Road, Zhaojiabang Road, Shanghai Botanical Garden

Novel City 永新城 Oriental Manhattan 东方曼哈顿 Fuxing(M) Rd old house 复兴中路老房子 Xuhui Garden Ⅱ 徐汇苑Ⅱ Xuhui Garden 徐汇苑 Ambassy Court 鸿艺豪苑 Tomson Xing Guo Garden 汤臣怡园 Chanter Garden 香缇花园 Yongjia Road Apt 永嘉路老公寓 Old Apt on Hengshan Rd 衡山路老公寓 Farglory Xuhui 远雄徐汇园 The Summit 汇贤居 Grand Gateway 港汇广场 Palace Court 嘉丽苑 Oriental Paris 东方巴黎 Lan Ting 兰庭 Di jing Yuan service apartment 兆丰帝景苑 Huijin Plaza 汇金广场 La Cite 莱诗邸 MingYuan Century City 明园世纪城 Chevalier Place 亦园 Novel Garden 永新花园 Jewel Garden 尊园 Wellington Garden 汇宁花园 Ya'Du International Garden 亚都国际名园 Arcadia 名仕苑

Jingan District(West Bejing Road、Caojingdu、 Jiangning Road、 Jing'an Temple、West Nanjing Road 、Shanghai TV station, Xikang Road 、Xinzha Road 、 Jade Buddha Temple)
Grand Jewel Apartment / 君御豪庭 Manhattan Heights / 曼克顿豪庭(怡景园) 8 Park Avenue / 静安豪景 Villa Beau Rivage / 宁馨苑 Top Of City(Dagu Road) / 中凯(大沽路) LaDoll International City / 国际丽都城 Top Of City(Weihai Road) / 中凯(威海路) Yan'An Rd old house / 延安中路老房子 City Castle / 远中风华 Old Apt on Nanjing Rd / 南京西路老公寓 Old House on West Wuding Road / 武定西路老房子 Jing An Four Seasons / 静安四季 One Park Avenue / 静安枫景 The One Executive Suites Shanghai / 御锦轩 Kerry Center / 嘉里中心 Shanghai Grand Plaza / 四方新城 Old Apt on Xinle Rd / 新乐路老公寓 Jing An Zi Yuan / 静安紫苑 Taifu Mingdi / 泰府名邸 Tomorrow Plaza / 明天广场 Juntai Apartment / 均泰丽轩 Legend Service Apartment / 莱爵酒店公寓 River House / 怡水豪庭 The House / 御品大厦 First Block / 一街区 Jing'an View Garden / 南草坪 Old House at Fumin Rd / 富民路老房子 Jing'an Phoenix Garden / 静安凤凰苑 Yun He Garden / 云和花园 Old Apt on Huashan Rd / 华山路老公寓 Crystal Pavilion / 经典茂名 Shanghai Centre / 上海商城 Royal Pavilion / 华山公寓 Taixing Rd old house / 泰兴路新闸路 Modern Jing'an / 达安锦园 May Fair Tower / 巨富大厦 May Fair Tower / 巨富大厦 Xinfu Kangli apartment / 新福康里 Jing'an Residence 8 / 静安8号 Chez Moi / 嘉园 Sun Apartment / 太阳公寓 Top Of City / 中凯城市之光 Old Apartment on North Suzhou Road / 北苏州路老房子 Juntai Apartment / 均泰丽轩 Old House on Changde Rd / 常德路老房子 Old House on Changde Rd / 常德路老房子 The One / 静鼎安邦 MARRIOTT / 万豪行政公寓 Villa Beau Rivage / 宁馨苑 Brookside Apartment / 枕流公寓 The Paragon / 凯得茂名公馆 Jing'an International Plaza / 静安国际广场  
Minhang District (Caobao、 Chunshen、 Gumeiluoyang、Hanghua、 Hongmei Road、 Hong Qiao、Huacao、Jiangchuan Road、Jing'an new city、 Jinhong Qiao、 Ji Wang、 old Minhang、LongboJinhui、 Maqiao、 Meilong、 South Mall、Pujiang 、 rose Village、 Qibao、 Qixin Road、 Xinzhuang, Xinzhuang industrial Zone、Wu Jing, Zhuanqiao、Zhu Di)
Forest Manor / 西郊庄园 Risen Garden / 瑞生花园 Stratford / 万科红郡 Rancho Santa Fe / 兰乔圣菲 Shanghai Racquet Club and Apartments / 上海网球俱乐部 Silver Villa / 银都别墅 Westwood Villas / 伯爵山庄 Westwood Green / 西郊林茵湖畔 Odin Palace Villas / 奥玎 Westwood Green / 西郊林茵湖畔东区(凯德林茵湖畔) Contemporary Spirits / 当代艺墅 Miramar Apartment / 华侨城 King's Garden / 金斯花园 Tomson Nice Year Villas / 嘉年别墅 Apple Court / 苹果园 Westwood Villas / 伯爵山庄 Mingshen Garden / 明申花园 Lu Ming Garden / 好世鹿鸣苑 Royal Garden / 皇都花园 Shanghai Star River / 上海星河湾 Nine Songs Superior Country / 九歌上郡 Dong Fang Lai Yin / 东方莱茵 longbai siji / 龙柏四季花园 Senna left / 塞纳左岸 Peony Garden / 牡丹园

How to Select a Chinese School in Shanghai

Once a family makes the decision to make that overseas move to Shanghai, they have to face a multitude of decisions. Choosing a Chinese school for child and themselves is one of most crucial one. How to choose a Chinese school in Shanghai? The following will give you answer. When you choose the Chinese school in Shanghai, you should pay attention to the questions that include Is there a welcoming atmosphere within the school? Is there evidence of a community of learners, in which students and teachers, together, are engaged in the learning process, demonstrating their knowledge and skills appropriately? Are there a variety of learning activities from which students choose so that their learning style and varying intelligences are challenged and heightened? A mark of a healthy school is the willingness, even enthusiasm, of the leadership and teachers to establish a process for communication.

The convenient locations is also cannot be ignored, if you take one or two hour to go to school, you must be too exhausted to study. If the school's location is good, After study, you can go shopping or eat something to relax.
Does the school have strong leadership? Schools do not need authoritarian leaders; but it needs leaders who have the ability and personality to organize and inspire, to represent, articulate and evaluate. The successful school has leadership that is knowledgeable and forthright and contributes to an atmosphere of respect, trust and open discussion.

Are all faculty and staff involved in the school, analyzing needs, solving problems as a team, helping the leadership to make decisions which will improve the school? The research is emphatic: Teachers and students must feel pride and ownership for their school to be effective and successful.
Is the school physically attractive, the buildings and grounds clean, neat and well lighted? If everyone has pride in the school, everyone will help to maintain it.

Does the school have a way to measure student achievement? Be careful of this one. Standardized tests, are not the end-all of instruction: You should know what your understands and can do.
If the school can answer the question, it is your choice. Shanghai MEIZHI Chinese SCHOOL is your choice, MEIZHI Chinese school start from 2004,and hold IBT (internet basic test), and the training organization of TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) with authentication of the Ministry of Education, our teachers are professional, and made many books by themselves, we will provide you quality Chinese course.

Learn Chinese in MEIZHI Chinese school(xujihui/hongqiao-gubei), enjoy your Chinese study
TEL:52300140 159-2166-8157
HONGQIAO-GUBEI CENTER:Room508 No96 East Rong Hua Road Changning District,Shanghai take Line 10 to Shuicheng Road station, Exit 2 Near Jing'an Temple|Zhongshan Park| qingpu| sheshan| shanghai zoo|Tianshan|

XUJIAHUI CENTER:Room505 No45 West Guang Yuan Road Xuhui District,Shanghai If you live in Puxi Jingan, You can take line 2 to Jiangsu Road station, then transfer to line 11 to Xujiahui station, take Exit18. If you live in Puxi Zhongshan park, you can take line3or 4 to Yishan Road station, then transfer to line9 to Xujiahui station, take Exit18. If you live in Puxi Shanghai indoor stadium, you can take line1 to Xujiahui station or take No.958 to Shanghai Jiaotong University stop or 926,946,920 to Xujiahui stop. If you live in Puxi Shanghai French concession, you can take line9 to Xujiahui station, take exit 18.  

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*MEIZHI MANDARIN is appointed as HSK (IBT) official Test Center and Registration Office by Han Ban. Best Shanghai chinese Mandarin school.