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 Shanghai Chinese Course
Teachers in MEIZHI

●All Meizhi teachers are professionally qualified, holding Mandarin Proficiency Test certificates, teaching certificates, and certificates for the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language.

●The qualifications of Meizhi teachers are constantly being reviewed and updated. They benefit from excellent in-service professional development. Meizhi ensures that the most up-to-date pedagogy is used in order to offer our students the best possible programs.
Private course( flexible hours)

These courses are based on each student's individual situation, and can include day-to-day conversation, business Chinese, HSK courses, Shanghai dialect, Cantonese, Japanese (Chinese teacher/native teacher), Korean (Chinese teacher/native teacher) from elementary to advanced levels. We make the study plan according to your preferences. You can choose the teacher, the book and the time.
shanghai private chinese lesson
Group classes (new classes open every month)

The number of students in the group classes is limited. You can communicate with your classmates in a sociable learning environment. Find a group at your level, and enjoy learning Chinese and making friends.
shanghai chinese group class
Chinese special class
(spring, summer, autumn and winter ,half-day class)
For those students who want to enhance their Chinese, we open short-term courses. Four times a year, we offer a one month short-term unit, with an emphasis on conversation. This is an opportunity for you to master the content in just one month that you would spend three months on in university! We have threshold, primary, intermediate, and advanced levels of classes. Why not seize this opportunity to improve fast with this MEIZHI original course?
*As well as Short-term intensive classes(New year,Lunar Chinese New Year, May,Golden week,National day )
Chinese film courses
You don't get the chance to experience Chinese film or learn Chinese colloquial idioms in school, at your company or at other language schools. Our teachers have collected popular Chinese movies, and summarized all the grammar which you won't find in textbooks but which people use in everyday life. In this course you will watch the movies and discuss them, thereby learning how to speak more idiomatically. We have a different movie every month. This is a very popular course.
Chinese Buzzwords course
In this course you can learn colloquial Chinese language from newspapers, magazines, songs, and many other media. Enjoy the challenge of improving your Chinese whilst experiencing the rapidly changing culture of China. Learning in this happy, relaxed environment will help you retain the new concepts and vocabulary.
Chinese grammar course
"It is very difficult for me to learn Chinese, because I am afraid of making mistakes". For such students, we begin by teaching right from the very basic grammar points. We take it back to basics and explain things to you clearly. Of course, we also prepare our students for HSK. And we will correct your pronunciation too!
Chinese conversation course
We obviously teach grammar, but for the student who wants to rapidly learn to speak Chinese fluently, we also offer conversation classes. Some students like speaking but are afraid of saying something wrong. Don't worry, our teachers are all kind and considerate. In our group classes, students are all at the same level. The classes are a lot of fun and with lots of laughter comes lots of progress. In this pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, you will quickly learn to speak Chinese.
Business Chinese course
These courses are recommended for students who want to work in China. Specifically designed for the business environment, this course will teach you the words and conventions of business meetings, financial transactions, customer relations and so on. This course will help you at work and also in everyday life. Class times are in the evening and at the weekend.
Intensive Listening Course
For many language learners, their reading and writing skills are good, as they can study independently from a book. However, their listening skills are not so well developed. Therefore, in a conversation they struggle to keep up. The goal of this course it to enhance students' listening ability.
Chinese General Writing Course
The aim of this course is to correct grammatical errors in written Chinese (which will also help general fluency). We also help students prepare for advanced HSK writing.
Senior business writing course
This class is designed for to businesspeople to help them can develop basic business writing skills in Chinese This course covers areas such as resumes, contracts, proposals, credit bills, conferences and lectures in business situations. With lots of practical, hands-on examples, students rapidly improve their skills.
Shanghai Dialect Courses
This course is recommended to students who can speak Mandarin, and want to learn Shanghai dialect. As with regular Mandarin classes, the content and sequence of learning Shanghai Dialect includes the pronunciation of words, idioms, and general. This course is recommended to those who have mastered a certain degree of Chinese already.
HSK special lectures (level 1 - 6)
We use HSK specific materials and MEIZHI's originally developed materials (based on our knowledge of past HSK examinations, and offering more detailed explanation and practice). We cover all areas, including listening, reading and writing. One problem may have several solutions, one word can have many meanings, therefore we use the HSK Special Class approach to explain precise meaning and usage. We find a student's weak point, and target our teaching to fix the individual problem. We also prepare the students by practising the test components. We also include beginner to advanced oral tests.
BCT special lectures
BCT is the Business Chinese Proficiency exam. For these learners, we give priority to learning projects selected in order to effectively improve final grades. We focus on students' areas of weakness, believing that practice makes perfect. Progress is rapid in this course.
Spoken Chinese Class
Learning via MEIZHI's original teaching method, will rapidly improve your conversation skills. This class will help you be more fluent in Chinese, both at work and in your day-to-day interaction with Chinese people.
Chinese Culture Classes
This seminar is for students who are interested in Chinese culture. Learn to appreciate the culture you live in. Including calligraphy, Chinese painting, Chinese knot, Chinese tea art ,embroidery and other traditional Chinese cultural practices.
Chinese courses for children
Our teachers are familiar with the children's psychology and the way they learn best. They have a wealth of experience. Through using Pinyin, songs, games and play, as well as dynamic class methods, children are happy to learn Chinese with MEIZHI.
Korean / Japanese lecture
MEIZHI Japanese / Korean classes allow you to systematically learn the language. Classes are grouped according to the degree of difficulty and skill level. Through learning basic pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and conversation, we will also discover something about Japanese / Korean historical, cultural, social aspects. Current issues are also covered and discusses. Even in Shanghai, China, students can learn Japanese / Korean in a short time.

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